Below you’ll find records of all USNC CIGRE awards from 1983-Present.

USNC Attwood Associate Award

The Attwood Associate Award is given to an individual who has made notable contributions to CIGRÉ over an extended period of time.

“To honor the contributions and memory of Frederic Attwood of the U.S.A., who, with J. Tribot Laspiere of France, foresaw the need for an international organization in the field of high-voltage power engineering and who became the first chairman of the U.S. National Committee upon the founding of CIGRÉ in the year 1921.”

2017 Mark Adamiak, Roger C. Dugan, Mark McGranaghan, William G. Moore, Andrew Phillips
2016 Terry Boston, Michael Heyeck, John D. McDonald, Damir Novosel, Andrew L. Ott
2015 Steinar Dale, Tom Tobin
2014 Roy W. Alexander, Alexander Apostolov, Dale A. Douglass, Erich W. Gunther, Ivars Vancers
2013 Hanna E. Abdallah, John C. Houston
2012 Mietek T. Glinkowski, Dr. Leon Kempner, John J. Paserba, Charles B. Rawlins
2011 Pouyan Pourbeik, B. Don Russell
2010 George Gela, George Gross, Dennis Holstein, Keith Lindsey, Richard Wakefield, Walter Zenger
2009 Shirish P. Mehta, Nicholas W. Miller, Rana Mukerji, P. Jeffrey Palermo, Mark A. Reynolds
2008 Harold W. Adams, Jr., Hamid Elahi, Mladen Kezunovic, Carson W. Taylor
2007 John H. Brunke, D. Jack Christofersen, Robert E. Fenton, Stanley R. Lindgren, Clive W. Reed, Herman M. Schneider, Tapani O. Seppa, Virginia C. Sulzberger
2006 Anjan Bose, Thomas W. Cease, Chen-Ching Liu, B. (Ben) R. Shperling, James S. Thorp, Thomas L. Weaver
2005 Alan H. Cookson, Frank A. Denbrock, Anthony M. Di Gioia, Jr., Philip R. Nannery, John J. Vithayathil
2004 George G. Karady, Willis F. Long, Duane R. Torgerson, Hans E. Weinrich
2003 James S. Edmonds, John W. Estey, Clark W. Gellings, Stig L. Nilsson, William F. Reinke
2002 S. A. Annestrand, Thomas F. Garrity, M. Shawky A.A. Hammam, Stephen A. Sebo, Frank S. Young, Luciano E. Zaffanella
1999 Vernon L. Chartier, Ian S. Grant, Robert H. Harner, Raymond M. Maliszewski, James A. Oliver, Arun G. Phadke, John M. Thorson, Jr., T. Robert Woodward
1998 Glenn D. Bauer, Lester H. Fink, Robert W. Flugum, Narain G. Hingorani, Harold N. Scherer, Jr.
1997 S. H. Horowitz
1996 Clarence Baldwin, William J. McNutt, Jan Panek, William Thue
1995 Theodore A. Balaska
1994 F. Paul De Mello, Thomas Dy Liacco
1993 Andrew F. Corry, A. Robert Hileman, Joe Pohlman, Charles L. Rudasill, Jr., David Silver
1992 Lionel O. Barthold
1991 Wallace L. Chadwick, C. John Essel, S. Harold Gold, Herbert H. Woodson
1990 John W. Chadwick, Jr., John J. Doughtery, Ralph S. Gens, Stephen A. Mallard, James C. Poffenberger, Louis H. Roddis, Jr.
1989 John R. Anderson
1988 James A. Beehler, Allan Greenwood, Thomas H. Lee, Sampson Linke, J. R. Ruhlman, T. M. Swingle, Charles L. Wagner
1987 Louis C. Aicher, John W. Batchelor, Vincent Caleca, Thomas W. Dakin, Lee A. Kilgore, Robert J. Ringlee, Frank Von Roeschlaub, Walter R. Wilson
1986 J. Lewis Blackburn, Daniel T. Braymer, John A. Casazza, Clifford C. Diemond, I. Birger Johnson
1985 Joseph K. Dillard, Byron Evans, Charles H. Hoffman, Hollis K. Sels, Robert W. Werts, Eugene S. Zobel
1984 Charles Almon, Jr., Eugene W. Boehne, Thomas J. Brosnan, William Z. Brownlee, Bradley Cozzens, Edward S. Halfmann, Charles T. Hatcher, Allen Kidder, Vernon M. Marquis, Theodore Nagel, George B. Scheer, Richard F. Stevens, Edwin R. Whitehead
1983 Howard C. Barnes, Sterling Beckwith, Peter L. Bellallschi, Fred Chambers, Charles Concordia, Fremont Felix, Eric T. B. Gross, Herman Halperin, Richard J. Hopkins, Lloyd F. Hunt, Edgar L. Kanouse, John T. Lusignan, Melvin L. Manning, Howard L. Melvin, Stephen B. Morehouse, Lawrence M. Robertson, Eugene C. Starr, Herbert R. Stewart, Joseph Sticher, Roy L. Webb, Stanley W. Zimmerman


USNC Philip Sporn Award

The Philip Sporn Award is given from time to time to a person who has had some affiliation with CIGRE and who is currently active.

“For cumulative career contributions to the advancement of the concept of system integration in the theory, design and/or operation of large, high voltage electric systems in the United States.”

2017 P. Jeffrey Palermo
2016 Anjan Bose, B. Don Russell
2015 Ian Grant
2014 Robert E. Fenton
2013 Clark W. Gellings
2012 Dr. Willis F. Long, Stig L. Nilsson
2011 Dr. Clive W. Reed
2010 John H. Brunke
2009 John G. Anderson, Carson W. Taylor
2008 John J. Vithayathil
2007 Hans E. Weinrich
2006 Arun G. Phadke
2005 Narain G. Hingorani
2002 Harold N. Scherer, Jr.
1998 A. Robert Hileman
1995 Gregory S. Vassell
1994 John A. Casazza
1993 Lionel O. Barthold
1989 Charles Concordia


Outstanding Collective Member

“For outstanding leadership and continuing managerial, technical, and financial support of the activities of the U.S. National Committee and CIGRE over an extended period of time.”

2017 GE Energy Connections, Tennessee Valley Authority
2015 American Electric Power Company


CIGRE USNC Recognition Award

“A token of gratitude and in recognition of the work accomplished for the Association.”

2011 Clark W. Gellings



In 2016, this award was introduced in CIGRE. The CIGRE Medal is awarded for proven outstanding technical or engineering contribution to CIGRE and the engineering field, and proven leadership for the benefit of the organization. 2016 is the first time a member of the USNC will receive this award.

2016 Dr. Narain G. Hingorani


CIGRE Distinguished Member Award

In 1996, a “Distinguished Member” status was introduced in CIGRÉ. This award is a tribute to seniority (over 10 years of membership) and to active participation in the work and development of the Association — within Study Committees and/or National Committees.

2016 Michael Heyeck, Leon Kempner Jr., John McDonald, Mark McGranaghan
2014 George Karady, P. Jeffrey Palermo, B. Don Russell, Roy Alexander, Alexander Apostolov, John Estey
2012 Hanna Essa Abdallah, Dr. Anjan Bose, Dale A. Douglass, Shirish P. Mehta, John J. Paserba
2010 Narain Hingorani, Willis Long, Ivars Vancers, Richard Wakefield
2008 Mark A. Reynolds, Keith E. Lindsey, John W. Harley, Dennis K. Holstein, Pouyan Pourbeik, Walter Zenger
2006 Thomas W. Cease, Clark W. Gellings, Stig L. Nilsson, William F. Reinke, Tapani O. Seppa, Virginia C. Sulzberger
2004 Harold W. Adams, Jr., Alan H. Cookson, Hamid Elahi, Robert E. Fenton, Stanley R. Lindgren
2002 F. Paul DeMello, Frank A. Denbrock, Arun G. Phadke, Hans E. Weinrich
2000 Thomas F. Garrity, Ian S. Grant, Thomas E. Sharp
1998 Allan Greenwood, James A. Oliver, Carson W. Taylor
1996 Lionel O. Barthold, John H. Brunke, John A. Casazza, Stanley H. Horowitz, George A. Maneatis, Clive W. Reed, Harold N. Scherer, Jr., Thomas L. Weaver


CIGRE Honorary Member Award

The title “Honorary Member” was initiated in 1992 and is the most prestigious designation to be given by CIGRE. It is awarded to members who have made significant contributions through their service on International Committees (CIGRE Steering Committee (formerly Executive Committee), Administrative Council, and/or Study Committees).

2016 Pouyan Pourbeik
2014 Lionel O. Barthold, Mladen Kezunovic
2010 Clark W. Gellings
2004 Hans E. Weinrich
2002 Dr. John H. Brunke
2000 Harold N. Scherer, Jr.
1998 Dr. Clive W. Reed
1996 Dr. Narain G. Hingorani
1992 Willis S. White, Jr., Ralph S. Gens


CIGRE Technical Committee Award

The Technical Committee Award was initiated in CIGRÉ in 1993. It is generally given annually to recognize the outstanding contributions of a number of CIGRÉ Study Committee members to the work of their respective Study Committees.

2014 William G. Moore (Rotating Electrical Machines)
2013 David Lindsay (Insulated Cables)
Nenad Uzelac (High Voltage Equipment)
Vladimir A. Rakov (System Technical Performance)
2012 Stig Nilsson (HVDC and Power Electronics)
Mladen Kezunovic (Protection and Automation)
Andrew Ott (Electricity Markets and Regulation)
2011 Hanna Abdallah (Substations)
Shirish Mehta (Transformers)
Jeff Palermo (System Development and Economics)
2009 Willis Francis Long (HVDC and Power Electronics)
Albert DiCaprio (Electricity Markets and Regulation)
2008 Richard A. Wakefield (System Development and Economics)
2007 Alexander Apostolov (Protection and Automation)
Dale A. Douglass (Overhead Lines)
Walter Zenger (Insulated Cables)
2006 Dennis K. Holstein (Protection and Automation)
Pouyan Pourbeik (System Technical Performance)
2005 John J. Vithayathil (HVDC Links and Power Electronics)
Roy W. Alexander (High Voltage Equipment)
Mietek T. Glinkowski (Transformers)
2004 John W. Harley (Transformers)
2003 Keith E. Lindsey (Overhead Lines)
2002 Ivars Vancers (HVDC Links and AC Power Electronic Equipment)
2001 William F. Reinke (Power System Planning and Development)
2000 Robert E. Fenton (Rotating Machines)
B. S. Bernstein (Materials for Electro Technology)
Charles J. Mozina (Power System Protection and Local Control)
Erich W. Gunther (Power System Electromagnetic Compatibility)
1999 Joe C. Pohlman (Overhead Lines)
1997 William N. Kennedy (Transformers)
Mark A. Reynolds (HVDC Links and AC Power Electronic Equipment)
Ingo P. Thurein (Power System Operation and Control)
1996 John A. Casazza (Power System Planning and Development)
1995 Thomas L. Weaver (DC Links and Power Electronic Equipment)
Raymond M. Maliszewski (Power System Planning and Development)
Arun G. Phadke (Protection)
Leonard Sagan (Power System Electromagnetic Compatibility)
1994 Andrew R. Hileman (Overvoltages and Insulation Coordination)
John W. Chadwick, Jr. (Protection)
Arun G. Phadke (Protection)
1993 D. Jack Christofersen (DC Links and Power Electronic Equipment)
Allan Greenwood (Switching Equipment)
Charles L. Rudasill Jr. (Power System Planning and Development)
William A. Mittelstadt (Power System Analysis and Techniques)