Study Committee Representatives

Recent Updates

John D. McDonald

GE Vernova Grid Solutions

CIGRE USNC VP Technical Activities

Hugh Zhu

A1:Rotating Electrical Machines

Rusty Bascom

B1: Insulated Cables

Erik Ruggeri

B2: Overhead Lines

George Becker

B3: Substations and Electrical Installations

Neil Kirby

B4: DC Systems and Power Electronics

Mladen Kezunovic

B5: Protection and Automation

Jeff Palermo

C1: Power System Development and Economics

Todd Ramey

C2: Power System Operation and Control

Randy Grass

C3: Power System Environmental Performance

Gaurav Singh

C4: Power System Technical Performance

Jeff Bladen

C5: Electricity Markets and Regulation

Sundar Venkataraman

C6: Active Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources

Luke Van der Zel

D1: Materials and Emerging Test Techniques

Chen-Ching Liu

D2: Information Systems and Telecommunication

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