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CIGRE Science & Engineering
The CIGRE journal of selected peer reviewed articles.




Green Books
CIGRE’s State of the Art Reference Books. CIGRE aims to produce the best reference books available on the market on the various subjects of electrical power networks compiled by CIGRE and its Study Committees.


CIGRE History Books
Looking back on the ninety year history of our Association, two books have been published. The first relates the history of CIGRE and the second the history of CIGRE’s National Committees.




Papers and Proceedings of events (Session and Symposia)
Papers related to Sessions, Symposia or other events are  supplied to delegates upon registration. After the Session Papers and contents of the discussions are made  available for purchase in the form of a CD or USB stick. Symposia papers are also made available after the event.


Technical Brochures
Technical Brochures are presented in the Electra journal through an Executive Summary, which presents the purpose of the work, its main results and the foreseen applications.

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