Women in Energy

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What is WiE?

CIGRE WiE inspires and motivates women in energy by helping to provide links to global thought leaders and role models, as well as to demonstrate the influence and functions of female professional communities.

WiE aims to:

  • Increase participation, contributions, and leadership from women in working groups.
  • Ensure the interests of women are represented within U.S. CIGRE, both for their own benefit and for future sustainability of CIGRE.
  • Provide opportunities for personal, professional, and technical development.

Mentorship Opportunities

WiE and the Next Generation Network (NGN) will begin partnering in January 2023 with the goal to create a mentorship program for members to seeking professional development guidance and networking opportunities within CIGRE. This partnership strives to facilitate a successful transition into the power systems industry for early career professionals and students by providing technical resources and networking opportunities for personal and technical development. Both the NGN and WiE aim to ensure that the interests of its members are represented within CIGRE, both for their own benefit and for the future sustainability of CIGRE.

By completing the surveys, you will be entered into a database and contacted about potential involvement based on your responses. Please note no commitment is required to fill out the surveys.

If you would like to join and participate in WiE CIGRE either as a new member, a mentor, and/or a mentee, please click on the links below today:

We welcome your involvement!

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