Cigre USNC Membership

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CIGRE is an organization of 95 countries with 11,910 members. The US has 629 members and has the third largest CIGRE national membership behind Brazil and China.

We hope you will consider membership in the U.S. National Committee (USNC) of CIGRE for 2017.


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Individual memberships afford that person member rates at conferences. To attend the Paris Biennial as a member, you must have two consecutive years as an individual member (i.e., to attend 2018 Paris at member rates, you must be a member for 2016 and 2017).


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Young member status for students and young engineers:
50% reduction on annual membership fee
(reduced price granted to young engineers – under 35 – for 2 years only) (Full-time student members are given free access to download electronic versions of the ELECTRA Magazine)


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Collective Membership Type I

Open to public and private companies of an industrial or commercial nature, research institutes, administrative bodies, and scientific and technical organizations. The USNC has divided this Type I membership into three categories — Patron, Sustaining, or Collective.

Collective Membership Type II

Open to educational bodies such as colleges, universities, and libraries.

Principal Membership: $2,000 – Lowest (entry) level populated by 22 firms
Sustaining Membership: $3,000 – Mid-level corporations, largely populated by ISOs and engineering firms
Patron Membership: $4,500 – Highest level of collective member, typically for some of our largest corporations
University Membership: $375