Working Groups

If you are interested in participating in one or more of the working groups, please send your name, email address, and a current CV to John McDonald at The working groups will be staffed quickly so your prompt response will be necessary.

Working group members should have their company support and be current CIGRÉ members with their current dues paid.

The final choice of members is the responsibility of CIGRE technical officers and the study committee chair and working group convener. The U.S. National Committee can only make a recommendation.

List of Active Working Groups

Posted September 6, 2019

WG number: A3/A2/A1/B1.44
Name of Convener: Dr. Bartosz Rusek (Germany)
Title: Limitations in Operation of High Voltage Equipment Resulting of Frequent Temporary Overvoltage’s

Posted August 30, 2019

WG number: B2/C4.76
Name of Convener: William A. Chisholm (CA)
Title: Lightning & Grounding Considerations for Overhead Line Rebuilding and Refurbishing Projects, AC and DC

WG number: C1.44 
Name of Convener: Gerald Sanchis (France)
Title: Global interconnected and sustainable electricity system: Effects of storage, demand response and trading rules

WG number: A3/A2/A1/B1.44
Name of Convener: Dr. Bartosz Rusek (Germany)
Title: Limitations in Operation of High Voltage Equipment Resulting of Frequent Temporary Overvoltage’s

Posted July 17, 2019

WG number: A1.67
Name of Convener:  Helio de Paiva Amorim Junior (Brazil)
Title: State of the Art in methods, experience and limits in end winding corona testing for Hydro Generators

JWG number: A1.68
Name of Convener:  Kondra Nagesh (India)
Title:  Evaluating Quality Performance of Electric Motor Manufacturing and Repair Facilities

Posted July 2, 2019

WG number: C5.32
Name of Convenor: Anthony Giacomoni (US)
Title: Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Electricity Markets

Posted June 24, 2019

WG number: D2.49
Name of Convenor: Siamak Hossein Khalaj (IR)
Title: Augmented reality / Virtual reality to support Operation and Maintenance In Electric Power Utilities

Posted June 14, 2019

WG number: C4/C2.58/IEEE
Name of Convenor: Udaya Annakkage (Canada)
Title: Evaluation of Voltage Stability Assessment Methodologies in
Transmission Systems

WG number: C4.57
Name of Convenor: Koji Michishita (JAPAN)
Title: Guidelines for the Estimation of Overhead Distribution Line
Lightning Performance and its Application to Lightning Protection Design

WG number: C6.40
Name of Convenor: Joao Peças Lopes (Portugal)
Title: Electric Vehicles as Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems

WG number: C6.36
Name of Convenor: Jason Taylor
Title: Distributed Energy Resource Models for Impact Assessment

Posted April 23, 2019

WG number: C1.43
Name of Convenor: Yury Tsimberg (Canada)
Title:Requirements for Asset Analytics data platforms and tools in electric power systems

Posted April 19, 2019

WG number: C4.56
Name of Convenor: Babak Badrzadeh (Australia)
Title: Electromagnetic transient simulation models for large-scale system impact studies in power systems having a high penetration of inverter connected generation

Posted April 11, 2019

WG number: B2/D2.72
Name of Convenor: Ying CHEN (CN)
Title: Condition Monitoring and Remote Sensing of Overhead Lines

WG number: C5.31
Name of Convenor: Angela Chuang (USA)
Title: Wholesale and Retail Electricity Cost Impact of Flexible Demand

Posted March 21, 2019

WG number: C2.26
Name of Convenor: Babak Badrzadeh (Australia)
Title: Power system restoration accounting for a rapidly changing power system and generation mix

WG number: C3.21
Name of Convenor: Susana Batel (Portugal)
Title: Including stakeholders in the decision-making processes for grid development

Posted March 18, 2019

WG number: B1.70
Name of Convenor: Roman Svoma (UK)
Title: Recommendations for the use and the testing of optical fibres in submarine cable systems

WG number: B2.75
Name of Convenor: Bruce McLaren (SOUTH AFRICA)
Title: Application guide for insulated and un-insulated conductors used on medium and low voltage overhead lines

Posted March 12, 2019

WG number: B2.74
Name of Convener: Nishal MAHATHO (SOUTH AFRICA)
Title: Use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for assistance with inspection of
overhead power lines

Posted March 4, 2019

JWG number: B4.82/IEEE
Name of Convener:  Garth Irwin (Canada)
Title: Guidelines for Use of Real-Code in EMT Models for HVDC, FACTS and Inverter based generators in Power Systems Analysis

Posted February 11, 2019

WG number: B4. 81
Name of Convener:  Kamran Sharifabadi (Norway)
Title: Interaction between nearby VSC-HVDC converters, FACTs devices, HV power electronic devices and conventional AC equipment

Posted February 5, 2019

WG number: B2.73
Name of Convener:  Peter Dulhunty (AU)
Title: Guide for Prevention of Vegetation Fires Caused by Overhead Line Systems

WG number: D1.74
Name of Convener:  Andrea Cavallini (IT)
Title:  PD measurement on insulation systems stressed from HV power electronics

JWG number: A1/C4.66
Name of Convener:  Dhananjay K. Chaturvedi (India)
Title:  Guide on the Assessment, Specification and Design of Synchronous Condensers for Power Systems with Predominance of Low or Zero Inertia Generators

Posted January 23, 2019

JWG number: B1/C4.69
Name of Convener:  Thinus du Plessis (South Africa)
Title: Recommendations for the insulation coordination on AC cable systems

Posted January 22, 2019

WG number: C4.55
Name of Convener:  Akihiro AMETANI (Japan)
Title: EMC related very-fast transients in gas-insulated substations- EMC interferences, measured characteristics, modeling and simulations

Posted January 8, 2019

WG number: B2.71
Name of Convener:  Jean-Philippe Paradis (CA)
Title: Recommendations for Interphase Spacers of Overhead Lines

JWG number: B3.57
Name of Convener:  Mr. Toshiyuki Saida (JAPAN)
Title:  Impact on Engineering and Lifetime Management of Outdoor HV GIS

WG number: B1.67
Name of Convener:  Volker Werle (Germany)
Title: Loading Patterns on Windfarm Array and Export Cables

Posted December 21, 2018

WG number: B5.69
Name of Convener:  Alex Apostolov (US)
Title: Experience gained and Recommendations for Implementation of Process Bus in Protection, Automation and Control Systems (PACS)

JWG number: C1.C6.42
Name of Convener:  Charlotte Higgins (GB)
Title:  Planning tools and methods for systems facing high levels of distributed energy resources

WG number: B5.70
Name of Convener:  Alexander Voloshin (RU)
Title: Reliability of Protection Automation and Control System (PACS) of power systems – Evaluation Methods and Comparison of Architectures

WG number: B1.71
Name of Convener:  Julio Lopes (Brazil)
Title: Guidelines for Safety Risk Management in Cable Systems

Posted December 13, 2018

WG number: C5.30
Name of Convener:  David Bowker (Australia)
Title: The Role of Block Chain Technologies in Power Markets

JWG number: C4/A3.53
Name of Convener:  Jinliang He (China)
Title: Application Effects of Low-Residual-Voltage Surge Arresters in Suppressing Overvoltages in UHV AC Systems

JWG number: C5/C6.29
Name of Convener:  Alain Taccoen (France)
Title: New Electricity Markets, Local Energy Communities

Posted December 11, 2018

WG number: A2.63
Name of Convener:  Ebrahim Rahimpour (Germany)
Title: Transformer Impulse Testing

Posted November 30, 2018

WG number: C1.41
Name of Convener:  Phil Southwell (Australia)
Title: Closing the gap in understanding between stakeholders and electrical energy specialists

Posted November 26, 2018

JWG number: B1/C4.69
Name of Convener:  Thinus du Plessis (South Africa)
Title: Recommendations for the insulation coordination on AC cable systems

JWG number: B4/A3.80
Name of Convener:  Dr. Junzheng Cao (China)
Title: HVDC Circuit Breakers – Technical Requirements, Stresses and Testing Methods to investigate the interaction with the system

JWG number: C4/B4.52
Name of Convener: Chandana Karawita (Canada)
Title: Guidelines for Sub-synchronous Oscillation Studies in Power Electronics Dominated Power Systems

JWG number: A3.43/CIRED
Name of Convener: Nicola Gariboldi (Switzerland)
Title: Tools for lifecycle management of T&D switchgear based on data from condition monitoring systems

WG number: C4.54
Name of Convener: William Radasky (USA)
Title: Protection of high voltage power network control electronics from the high-altitude Electromagnetic pulse (HEMP)

Posted November 15, 2018

WG number: A2.60
Name of Convener:  Tim Gradnik (Slovenia)
Title: Dynamic Thermal Behaviour of Power Transformers

WG number: A2.61
Name of Convener:  Axel Kraemer (Germany)
Title: On-load tap-changer best practices

WG number: A2.62
Name of Convener: Stefan Tenbohlen (Germany)
Title: Analysis of AC Transformer Reliability

WG number: B5.68
Name of Convener: Camille Bloch (FR)
Title: Optimisation of the IEC 61850 Protection, Automation and Control Systems (PACS) engineering process and tools

Posted November 9, 2018

WG number: C1.41
Name of Convener:  Phil Southwell (Australia)
Title: Closing the gap in understanding between stakeholders and electrical energy specialists

Posted October 19, 2018

WG number: C5.28
Name of Convener:  Adam Keech (US)
Title: Energy Price Formation in Wholesale Electricity Markets

Posted September 28, 2018

WG number: C4.51
Name of Convener:  Davor Vujatovic (United Kingdom)
Title: Connection of Railway Traction Systems to Power Networks

Posted September 7, 2018

WG number: A1.64
Name of Convener:  Erli Ferreira Figueiredo (BR)
Title: Guide for Evaluating the Repair–Replacement of Standard Efficiency Motors

WG number: B3.52
Name of Convener: Jinzhong Li (China)
Title: Neutral Grounding Method Selection and Fault Handling for Substations in the Distribution Grid

WG number: B3.54
Name of Convener: Stephen Palmer (AU)
Title: Earthing System Testing Methods – historic approaches, recent developments and recommended approaches

WG number: B3.55
Name of Convener: Suriya Prungkhwunmuang (Thailand)
Title: Design guidelines for substations connecting battery energy storage solutions (BESS)

WG number: B3.56
Name of Convener: Philip Konig (South Africa)
Title: Application of 3D Technologies in Substation Engineering Works

WG number: C3.20
Name of Convener: Christian Capello (CH)
Title:  Sustainable Development Goals in the Electric Power Sector

JWG number D2/C2.48
Name of Convener: Gareth Taylor (UK)
Title: Enhanced Information and Data Exchange to Enable Future Transmission and Distribution Interoperability

Posted August 2, 2018

WG number: B3.53
Name of Convener:  Shinki Noguchi (JP)
Title: Guidelines for Fire Risk Management in Substations

JWG number: C6/C1.33
Name of Convener: Birgitte Bak-Jensen (Denmark)
Title: Multi-energy system interactions in distribution grids

JWG number: C6/C2.34
Name of Convener: Pierluigi Mancarella (Australia)
Title: Flexibility provision from distributed energy resources

WG number: A1.65
Name of Convener: Louis Jestin (France)
Title: Guide to optimal management of coal generation in presence of significant inverter based resources

WG number: B4.79
Name of Convener: Hong Rao (China)
Title:  Hybrid LCC/VSC HVDC Systems

Posted July 19, 2018

WG number: C6.35
Name of Convener:  Alexandre Oudalov (Switzerland)
Title: Distributed energy resources aggregation platforms for the provision of flexibility services

WG number: C6/B4.37
Name of Convener: Prof. James Yu (UK)
Title: Medium Voltage DC distribution systems

WG number: C6.38
Name of Convener: Kurt Dedekind (South Africa)
Title: Rural electrification

WG number: C6.39
Name of Convener: Jan von Appen (Germany)
Title: Distribution customer empowerment

JWG number: C2/C4.41
Name of Convener: Mpeli Rampokanyo (South Africa)
Title:  Impact of high penetration of inverter-based generation on system inertia of networks

Posted June 19, 2018

JWG number: D2/C6.47
Name of Convener:  Alexey Nebera (RU)
Title: Advanced Consumer-Side Energy-Resource Management Systems

WG number: C2.40
Name of Convener: Michael Power (Ireland)
Title: TSO-DSO Co-Operation – Control Centre Tools Requirements

WG number: C2.25
Name of Convener: Jens Jacobs (Germany)
Title: Operating Strategies and Preparedness for System Operational Resilience

Posted May 1, 2018

WG number: A1.63
Name of Convener:  Juergen R. Weidner (GERMANY)
Title: Turbo Generator Stator Winding Bushings and Lead Connections – Field Experience, Failures and Design Improvements

WG number: C3.09
Name of Convener: Ales Kergar (SI)
Title: Sustainable Corridor Management

WG number: A1.62
Name of Convener: Fritz Neumayer (AT)
Title: Thrust Bearings for Hydropower – A Survey of Known Problems and Root Causes

WG number: D1.72
Name of Convener: J.Lambrecht (DE)
Title: Test of Material Resistance Against Surface Arcing Under DC

WG number: B5/D2.67
Name of Convener: Yubo Yuan (CN)
Title: Time in Communication Networks, Protection and Control Applications – Time Sources and Distribution Methods

WG number: B5.65
Name of Convener: Dr. Farfilho (Brazil)
Title: Enhancing Protection System Performance by Optimising the Response of Inverter-Based Sources.

Posted April 16, 2018

WG number: B3.51
Name of Convener:  Dr. Mark Kuschell (Germany)
Title: Service continuity guide for the maintenance, repair and extension of HV GIS