Paper Competition

2020 Results

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Sarah Davis | Download Paper
Data Requirements for Application of Risk-Based Dynamic Contingency Analysis to Evaluate Hurricane Impact to Electrical Infrastructure in Puerto Rico

Abigail Zafris | Download Paper
Monitor Data Management for Transformer Failure Prevention

Cho Wang | Download Paper
CCVT Modelling, Failure Mode Investigation and Impact on Relay Operation

Deepak Ramasubramanian | Download Paper
Do FERC Orders Nos. 827 and 842 Usher in Grid Forming Control?

Niroj Gurung | Download Paper
Comprehensive Hardware in the Loop Testing and Verification of Microgrid Controller Functionalities

2020 Top 5 Authors:


The winning participant will have an option to choose between registration to the 2022 Paris Session of 2021 CIGRE Grid of the Future Symposium. In either case, the winner will receive up to the $1,000 travel stipend as well as the opportunity to submit for a presentation slot.


  1. During the synopsis step, if the participant’s synopsis is not selected to prepare a paper, participants are encouraged to prepare a paper based on the synopsis and submit it to the 2020 Grid of the Future Symposium
  2.  If a participant’s paper is selected as one of the top 5 to present at the 2020 Grid of the Future Symposium, they may submit to the NGN competition ONLY. Do not submit for the Grid of the Future Symposium also.
  3. If the participant’s paper is not selected to the in the top 5 papers, the participant is encouraged to submit the paper to the 2020 Grid of the Future Symposium. The deadline for submission is July 24 but will be extended to accommodate NGN paper competition participants.

Competition Information Packet

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A full description of the competition can be found at Please contact the NGN at with any questions or clarifications.

About the Paper Competition

In 2015, the NGN held its first Paper Competition to encourage students and early professionals to share their experience and knowledge with others in the industry. The competition was successful in accomplishing this, as well as providing a great experience to all involved.

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