Philip Sporn Award

The Philip Sporn Award is given from time to time to a person who has had some affiliation with CIGRE and who is currently active.

“For cumulative career contributions to the advancement of the concept of system integration in the theory, design and/or operation of large, high voltage electric systems in the United States.”

2021 Nicholas Miller, Mark Reynolds

2020 Dr. Dale Douglass

2019 Mladen Kezunovic, Willis S. White

2018 Ralph S. Gens, Pouyan Pourbeik

2017 P. Jeffrey Palermo

2016 Anjan Bose, B. Don Russell

2015 Ian Grant

2014 Robert E. Fenton

2013 Clark W. Gellings

2012 Dr. Willis F. Long, Stig L. Nilsson

2011 Dr. Clive W. Reed

2010 John H. Brunke

2009 John G. Anderson, Carson W. Taylor

2008 John J. Vithayathil

2007 Hans E. Weinrich

2006 Arun G. Phadke

2005 Narain G. Hingorani

2002 Harold N. Scherer, Jr.

1998 A. Robert Hileman

1995 Gregory S. Vassell

1994 John A. Casazza

1993 Lionel O. Barthold

1989 Charles Concordia