Technical Committee Award

Recent Updates

The Technical Committee Award was initiated in CIGRE in 1993. It is generally given annually to recognize the outstanding contributions of a number of CIGRE Study Committee members to the work of their respective Study Committees.

2020 Renuka Chatterjee (Power system operation and control)

2018 Harley Wilson (Transmission & Distribution Equipment), Mark McVey (Substations & Electrical Installations)

2014 William G. Moore (Rotating Electrical Machines)

2013 David Lindsay (Insulated Cables), Nenad Uzelac (High Voltage Equipment), Vladimir A. Rakov (System Technical Performance)

2012 Stig Nilsson (HVDC and Power Electronics), Mladen Kezunovic (Protection and Automation), Andrew Ott (Electricity Markets and Regulation)

2011 Hanna Abdallah (Substations), Shirish Mehta (Transformers), Jeff Palermo (System Development and Economics)

2009 Willis Francis Long (HVDC and Power Electronics), Albert DiCaprio (Electricity Markets and Regulation)

2008 Richard A. Wakefield (System Development and Economics)

2007 Alexander Apostolov (Protection and Automation), Dale A. Douglass (Overhead Lines), Walter Zenger (Insulated Cables)

2006 Dennis K. Holstein (Protection and Automation), Pouyan Pourbeik (System Technical Performance)

2005 John J. Vithayathil (HVDC Links and Power Electronics), Roy W. Alexander (High Voltage Equipment), Mietek T. Glinkowski (Transformers)

2004 John W. Harley (Transformers)

2003 Keith E. Lindsey (Overhead Lines)

2002 Ivars Vancers (HVDC Links and AC Power Electronic Equipment)

2001 William F. Reinke (Power System Planning and Development)

2000 Robert E. Fenton (Rotating Machines), B. S. Bernstein (Materials for Electro Technology), Charles J. Mozina (Power System Protection and Local Control), Erich W. Gunther (Power System Electromagnetic Compatibility)

1999 Joe C. Pohlman (Overhead Lines)

1997 William N. Kennedy (Transformers), Mark A. Reynolds (HVDC Links and AC Power Electronic Equipment), Ingo P. Thurein (Power System Operation and Control)

1996 John A. Casazza (Power System Planning and Development)

1995 Thomas L. Weaver (DC Links and Power Electronic Equipment), Raymond M. Maliszewski (Power System Planning and Development), Arun G. Phadke (Protection), Leonard Sagan (Power System Electromagnetic Compatibility)

1994 Andrew R. Hileman (Overvoltages and Insulation Coordination), John W. Chadwick, Jr. (Protection), Arun G. Phadke (Protection)

1993 D. Jack Christofersen (DC Links and Power Electronic Equipment), Allan Greenwood (Switching Equipment), Charles L. Rudasill Jr. (Power System Planning and Development), William A. Mittelstadt (Power System Analysis and Techniques)