Distinguished Member Award

Recent Updates

In 1996, a “Distinguished Member” status was introduced in CIGRE. This award is a tribute to seniority (over 10 years of membership) and to active participation in the work and development of the Association — within Study Committees and/or National Committees.

2022 Mark McVey, Stewart Ramsay, David Roop

2020 Nenad Uzelac, Damir Novosel, Nicholas Miller, Michael Lamb, Neil Kirby

2018 Roger Dugan, Mladen Kezunovic, William Moore, Andrew Ott, Andrew Phillips

2016 Michael Heyeck, Leon Kempner Jr., John McDonald, Mark McGranaghan

2014 George Karady, P. Jeffrey Palermo, B. Don Russell, Roy Alexander, Alexander Apostolov, John Estey

2012 Hanna Essa Abdallah, Dr. Anjan Bose, Dale A. Douglass, Shirish P. Mehta, John J. Paserba

2010 Narain Hingorani, Willis Long, Ivars Vancers, Richard Wakefield

2008 Mark A. Reynolds, Keith E. Lindsey, John W. Harley, Dennis K. Holstein, Pouyan Pourbeik, Walter Zenger

2006 Thomas W. Cease, Clark W. Gellings, Stig L. Nilsson, William F. Reinke, Tapani O. Seppa, Virginia C. Sulzberger

2004 Harold W. Adams, Jr., Alan H. Cookson, Hamid Elahi, Robert E. Fenton, Stanley R. Lindgren

2002 F. Paul DeMello, Frank A. Denbrock, Arun G. Phadke, Hans E. Weinrich

2000 Thomas F. Garrity, Ian S. Grant, Thomas E. Sharp

1998 Allan Greenwood, James A. Oliver, Carson W. Taylor

1996 Lionel O. Barthold, John H. Brunke, John A. Casazza, Stanley H. Horowitz, George A. Maneatis, Clive W. Reed, Harold N. Scherer, Jr., Thomas L. Weaver

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