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2016 Colloquium Paper Presentations

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The Future Direction of CIGRE

Technical Council Strategy

Evolution of Power System Planning to Support Connection of Generation Distributed Resources and Alternative Technologies

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Grid Code Requirements and Generator Standards

European System Evolution Forecast

Evolution of Balancing Markets

NYISO’s Reforming Energy Vision (REV) Initiative

Generator Capability Envelope and Design Challenges to Accommodate Grid Code Requirements

Strategic Placement of Low Voltage Connected Voltage Regulation Devices

Economic and Regulatory Market Drivers

Impacts of High Levels of Distributed PV and Load Dynamics on Bulk Power Transient Stability

Hybrid Wind-Water Power Plant to Facilitate Renewable Energy System Integration

Revising IEEE Std. 1547 and 1547.1 to Maintain Power System Reliability and Safety with High Penetration of Distributed Generation

European Network Codes for Grid Connection

Planning Criteria for Future Transmission Networks in the Presence of Greater Variability from Distributed Generation

Operational Solution to Delayed Zero Crossings, Following a Short Circuit

Risk-Based Asset Management Planning for Power Transformers

Evolution of Ancillary Services with Increasing Levels of Variable  Energy Resources

Market Design in Light of Jurisdictional Uncertainty

Integration of Distributed Resources and Microgrids

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Enhanced Operational Flexibility

Wind, Solar, Storage and the Future of Reliability

Role of Markets in Providing Incentives for Resource Adequacy and Security of Supply

Microgrid as a Tool for Reliability and Resiliency 

Reliability and Life Management of Equipment in the Context of Power System Evolution

Results of a Survey on International Best Practice in Load Forecasting

Impacts of Changing Retail/Wholesale Boundaries

Modeling Distributed Energy Resources and Microgrids for T&D

Test Bench Validation of an Excitation Booster for Enhancement of Fault Ride Through Capability of Synchronous Generators

No-Load Voltage Waveform Analysis of Large Tubular Hydro-Generator Under Damper Bar Broken Down Failure

A Tubular Hydro-Generator Through-Bolts Failure Troubleshooting

Impact of the New European Grid Code – Requirements for Generators – on Exisiting Conventional Generation Plants – Focus on HV Equipment

Minimization of Exchanged Data on the TSO-DSO Cross Border by the Application of a New Operation Architecture

Future System Challenges in Europe – Contributions to Solutions from Connection Network Codes

Optimal Activation of Standard Products for Balancing as Required by Draft ENTSO-E Network Codes

A Novel Demand Response Market Clearing Auction Model for Independent System Operators