NGN Paris Session 2018

>Young Members Stand

Exhibition Area, Level 1, Neuilly Side, before the posters area
This will be the hub for Young Member activities at the Session. Go there to meet with Young Members from around the world and find out about how they are getting involved and benefiting from CIGRÉ.

>Young Members Forum

Wednesday 29 August 2018, 11:00 – 14:00, Room 353
CIGRÉ’s fourth Young Member Forum will be open to all CIGRÉ Members, especially Young Members wishing to contribute to CIGRÉ’s future. The Forum will highlight how Young Members are benefiting from CIGRÉ, and all attendees are invited to participate in discussion.

>Young Members Presentation Showcase

Young Members will have the opportunity to present in front of an international audience in dedicated “showcase” presentation slots during the Study Committee discussion sessions.

>Young Members Events

Wednesday 29 August 2018, visit the YM Stand or Website for details
CIGRÉ Young Members are invited to attend events including
a site visit and social night.

Tell us how you have benefited from involvement as a CIGRÉ Young Member!

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