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Membership means access to the world of CIGRE and its many resources, participation opportunities and benefits, including:

  • Free access to all CIGRE publications via e-cigre
  • The bimonthly ELECTRA journal (6 per year)
  • Reduced registration fees to CIGRE events
  • Preferential prices for CIGRE hard copies and books
  • Entry eligibility to CIGRE awards
  • CIGRE NGN professionals under 10 years experience

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How to join

There is a range of membership packages for students, younger members, individuals, and larger organisations. CIGRE membership can be purchased here, and is open to all individuals, companies and organisations across five categories:

Individual member I – $150

Individuals involved in the Industry

Individual member II – $75

Individuals involved in the Industry, under 35 (discounted rate)
(discounted rate only available for the first two years of membership)

Individual member – student – free

Free membership is offered for full time tertiary students

Collective member I – $2,000-$4,500

Public or private companies, including power system transmission and distribution utilities, scientific and technical organisations, research Institutes and administrative bodies.

Principal Membership: $2,000 – Lowest (entry) level populated by 22 firms
Sustaining Membership: $3,000 – Mid-level corporations, largely populated by ISOs and engineering firms
Patron Membership: $4,500 – Highest level of collective member, typically for some of our largest corporations

Collective member II – $375

Universities and other educational bodies