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2012 Grid of the Future Papers

Monday, October 29, 2012

Optimization of Fault Detection and Control with D-FACTS Sensing

Using Perfluorocarbon Tracers (PFT) for detecting oil leakages in LPOF cable systems

Resonances, Safety And Parallel Transmission Lines

Holonic Multi-agent Control of Power Distribution Systems of the Future

Technology Options for Distribution Communications Infrastructure to Support Advanced Smart Grid Applications

Real Time Distribution System Simulator-based on OpenDSS

Linking Smart Grid Benefits to Solution Architecture

Asset Management in the Digital Age

Risk Based Power Transformer Fleet Management Expert System Condition Assessment Tools

Using IEC TC57 CIM Standards to Integrate Asset Health Information

Industry-wide Database For Transformers

Impacts of the Decentralized Photovoltaic Energy Resources on the Grid

Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Reactive Compensation Systems in Renewable Energy Applications

Stochastic Approach for Distribution Planning with Distributed Energy Resources

Evolution of the US Power Grid and Market Operations through the next Decade

Integrated Distributed Energy Resource Pricing and Control

Using Demand Response as a Virtual Power Plant

Modern Grid Control Architecture

The Need for Next Generation Grid Energy Management System

Trends for the Grid of the Future

Grid Operational Data Management

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Proposed Business Case Model for Implementing a Self-Healing Distribution Smart Grid

Demonstration of Pulsecloser Applications and Benefits in Ameren’s Distribution Automation Program

Advanced Monitoring of Low-voltage Secondary Networks for the Detection and Mitigation of Arcing Faults

Automated Waveform-Based Analytics for Enhanced Reliability, Power Quality, and Operational Efficiency

HVDC Technologies for the Future Onshore and Offshore Grid

The Role of HVDC for Wind Integration in the Grid of the Future

Wide Area Reactive Power Control for Optimization of AEP’s Static Var Compensation

Coordination of Protection and Automation in Future Networks

Lessons Learned: Progression of Using Digital Message Virtual Wires to Replace Traditional Substation Wiring

Case Study: Collaborative New Design, Engineering, and Testing Practices Provide Successful Adoption of IEC 61850

Methodology of Computing Simultaneous Varibale Transfer Limits on Multiple Paths

Innovations in Bulk Power System Reliability Assessment: A North American View

Bulk System Reliability Assessment Needs under Evolving Smart Grid Implementations: EPRI Workshop Highlights

Geomagnetic Disturbance Impacts and AEP GIC/Harmonics Monitoring System

Grid Issues and Challenges Addressed by High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) Technology

Medium Voltage DC Technology Developments, Applications, and Trends

Improving the Efficiency, Capacity and Reliability of the Smart Grid Using ACCC Conductor

Benefits of Synchrophasors in Operation of the Future Grid

Methods for Risk Assessment of SSCI Stability Issues Between Renewable Generation and Series Compensated Transmission Systems

Wide-Area Frequency Monitoring Network (FNET) Architecture and Applications

Frequency Response from Autonomous Battery Energy Storage

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