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NGN Tutoral: Feeder Hosting Capacity and Impacts of Distribution Connected Generation

CIGRE STRATEGY 2017-2022 Prelude to next Century


Energy Policy and the Grid of the Future | Asim Z. Haque

Energy Policy and the Grid of the Future | Charles McConnell


Monday, October 23, 2017

Session 1A

FirstEnergy DOE Smart Grid Experience / Distribution Grid of the Future

A Data Approach to Advanced Distribution Management Systems

Effective Management of Distribution Grid Model Data

ArcCalc at Dominion Energy


Session 1B

Improving Reliability by Enabling Fuse Saving Mode on Distribution Automation Devices

Communication Infrastructure Development to Support VVO: Lessons Learned From the Rhode Island Implementation

Implementation of a Power Line Carrier Solution to Support Anti-islanding Protection and Reduce Interconnection Costs for Distributed Generation

A Study on the Impact of the Replacement of AC Transmission Lines by VSC-HVDC


Session 1C

Simultaneous Measurement of Hot Spot Temperature and Trace Moisture in a High Voltage Operating Transformer Using a Fiber Optics Sensor Pair

Predicting Network Transformer Failure at Con Edison with Bayesian Methods

A Study of the Implementation of an Improved Transformer Reliability Program

Using a Transformer Asset Health Index to Generate a Probability of Failure


Session 1D

GPS and GLONASS Constellations for Better Time Synchronizing Reliability

GPS Timing in Substations at Dominion Energy: Where We are Now and Where We Need to Go

Teleprotection with MPLS Ethernet Communications – Development and Testing of Practical Installations

Microgrid Islanding via GOOSE Messaging


Session 1E

Case Study – Improving System Performance Using Distribution Network Automation

Hosting Capacity Optimization Using Linearized AC Power Flow Analysis

A Systematic Approach Using Distribution Data to Optimize the Grid Implementing a Distribution Volt Var Control Algorithm


Session 2A

Hosting Capacity for Distributed Energy Resources on Distribution Feeders: A Case Study

Challenges and Considerations of DER Selection for Microgrid Applications

Impact of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Voltage Regulation and Ride-Through Settings on Distribution Feeder Voltage Recovery

Investigating the Voltage Fluctuation Caused by Solar PV Generation Variability in Distribution Grids


Session 2B

Simulation-Based Energy Management Game

Transmission System Reliability with Changing Generation Mixes

Four Paths to Prosperity: New Revenue Opportunities for Utilities

Optimizing Life-cycle Maintenance and Replacement Strategies at Transmission Systems


Session 2C

Advanced Lead Acid Batteries for Grid Storage as Stationery Energy Source

Technical and Financial Evaluation of Battery Energy Storage for Distribution Capacity Upgrades Deferral

Holistic Evaluation Methodology for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location within Utility Service Territory

Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Station


Session 2D

Fusing Model-Driven and Data-Driven Approaches for GMD Mitigation

GIC Flow Characteristics and Mitigation

Susceptibility of TVA’s 500 kV Fleet of Power Transformers to Effects of GIC

An EMP Mitigation Perspective: Systems and Components


Session 2E

Coordinated Battery Energy Storage Systems Sizing for Photovoltaic Ramp Rate Control

A Comprehensive Approach to Site Renewable Generation Based on Maximum Generation Profit

Reducing Contingency-based Windfarm Curtailments through Use of Transmission Capacity Forecasting

Wind Generation Curtailment Reduction based on Uncertain Forecasts


Session 3A

Methods for Reducing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities of Power Substations Using Multi-Vendor Smart Devices in a Smart Grid Environment

Cybersecurity Strategy – Active Defense

Cybersecurity Good Practice: Not Just NERC CIP Compliance

A Hybrid Communications Network Approach for Advanced Applications on the Modern Grid


Session 3B

TVA’s Transmission Voltage Unbalance Evaluation

Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) and Rate of Rise of Recovery Voltage (RRRV) of Line Circuit Breakers in Over Compensated Transmission Lines

Series Capacitor Application Studies

Optimization Enabler for a Voltage and Reactive Power Management (OPEN-VQ) System for Smart Operation


Session 3C

A Framework for Sustainable Design of Overhead Transmission Lines

Weather-Driven Data Analytics for Asset Failure Prediction

Thermal-Mechanical Testing of Single Stage Full Tension “Swage” Type Connectors Installed on ACSR Conductor

Distributed Temperature Sensing in Secondary Networks


Session 3D

Qualitative Evaluation of Technologies for Use in a Spares Strategy for Large Power Transformers

ComEd Distribution Automation Strategy

Comparison of Partial Discharges in SF6 and Fluoronitrile/CO2 Gas Mixtures

Metrological Characterization of Low Power Instrument Transformer Integrated in MV Recloser


Session 3E

The Critical Role of Data Preparation in Asset Performance Management – FirstEnergy’s Experiences

Implementation of Model-Driven Visualizations in Dominion Energy

Learning from Data: Fixing the Analytics Pipeline to Increase the Rate of Grid Evolution

Role for Adjustable Speed Pumped Storage in the Grid of the Future


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Technological Innovation Supporting the Grid of the Future | David Chiesa

Technological Innovation Supporting the Grid of the Future | Laura Garcia Garcia

Technological Innovation Supporting the Grid of the Future | Avnaesh Jayantilal


Session 4A

ETED Dominican Republic: Substation Improvement Project in the Dominican Republic

Entergy Development and Deployment of IEC 61850 Protection and Control Including Process Bus

Cybersecurity Challenges of Implementing IEC 61850 for Automation Between the Smart Distribution Control Center and the Substation

Wide-Area Protection Settings Evaluation and Visualization Tool


Session 4B

Solo-DriverTM: Driving Innovation and Transmission Structure Installation

T-NEXUS: The AEP Enterprise Model Management Integrated Solution

A Non-Contact Sensing Approach for the Measurement of Overhead Conductor Parameters and Dynamic Line Ratings

Physical and Electrical Effects to Nearby Facilities When Applying Dynamic Line Ratings to Transmission Lines


Session 4C

Decarbonization of Campus Energy Systems and Optimization of Grid-Friendly Electrified District Heating and Cooling with Thermal Storage

Arc Flash Study Principles & Procedures for Below 15 kV AC Systems

Single-Phase Medium-Voltage Lateral Recloser Application Considerations

Combining Fault Mitigation Strategies Substantially Improves Overhead Medium-Voltage Feeder Reliability


Session 4D

The Sixthman, Always on Duty – Automated Fault Location and Distribution

Automated Fault Location Analysis – Data Analysis Method

Real-Time Weather Hazard Assessment for Power System Emergency Risk Management

A Method for Detecting Abnormal Sensor Data Using Multi-terminal Differential Protection Functions


Session 4E

Visualization of Photovoltaic Output During 2017 Solar Eclipse

Improvements in Transmission Control Center Alarm Management Practices

Cloud Based Analytical Framework for Synchrophasor Data Analysis

Multi-Vendor Data Concentration of 7000 Distribution Devices to Facilitate Asset Optimization Analytics


Session 5A

Deploying Digital Substations: Experience with One of North America’s First Digital Substation Pilot

Review of Substation Grounding Practices Safety and Constructability Enhancements

Surge Arrester Placement for Substation Lightning Protection with Practical Utility Cases


Session 5B

Microgrid Controller Standardization – Approach, Benefits and Implementation

Lessons Learned from Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Microgrid Control Systems

Design and Operation of Provisional Microgrids

Simulation of Real-time Demand-response to Support a Residential Distribution Feeder in Microgrid Mode


Session 5C

VELCO Essex STATCOM – A Versatile Transmission Solution

Feasibility of HVDC LCC Converter Station Upgrade to VSC

Mobile STATCOM – A Multi Tool for Transmission Operations, Construction and Rapid Restoration

Real-Time Testing of STATCOM and SVC Controllers


Session 5D

Dominion’s Blackstart Restoration Plan Study

Application of RTDS as a Real-Time Decision Support Tool

Load Curtailment Estimation in Response to Extreme Events

Approaches to Resilience at TVA


Session 5E

Analysis of Grid Strength for Inverter-Based Generation Resources on Oahu

Cascading Trees: A Methodology to Integrate Resiliency in Transmission Planning

Eastern and Western Interconnections Seam Study Update

Evaluation of International Curtailment Practices for High Wind and PV Penetration


Industry Collaboration and Standards Organizations Supporting the Grid of the Future | IEEE

Industry Collaboration and Standards Organizations Supporting the Grid of the Future | NATF

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