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2015 Grid of the Future Papers

Monday, October 12, 2015

Targeted Deployment of Solar Generation using Advanced Inverters

Assessing Feeder Hosting Capacity for Distributed Generation Integration

Analysis and Mitigation of Harmonic Currents and Instability due to Clustered Distributed Generation on the Low Voltage Network

ISO New England Net Load Analysis with High Penetration Distributed PV

STATCOM Application to Address Grid Stability and Reliability: Part II

A Case Study on the Use of D-FACTS Devices to Support Construction of New Transmission Facilities

Importance of DC-DC Transformation in Grids of the Future

Power Transformers: Health Condition and Asset Management Actions

Virtual Wide Area Power Quality Monitoring System for AEP Transmission using Energy Meters

Determining Crossing Conductor Clearance Using Line-Mounted LiDAR

Synchronous Machine-Based Multi-Converter System with Online Interaction Monitoring Function

Harmonic Issues of AEP Welsh HVDC System

Mackinac Back-to-Back Voltage Source Converter HVDC Interaction with Power Line Carrier and Automatic Meter Reading Communications

CIGRE Young Member Presentation Competition

Geographic Information System (GIS) Based Evaluation of a Utility Service Territory for Public Purpose Microgrid Installations

Coordinating Worldwide Distribution Planning Model Development via an Open Source Modeling Platform

Advanced Fuse – Saving Techniques

Interruption Costs for Different Lateral Protection Strategies

Using Synchro-phasor System Data for Establishing Operating Range for Operators Guidance and Detection and Analysis of Significant Events

Baselining PMU Data to Find Patterns and Anomalies

Data Quality Considerations for Waveform Analytics

Proposed Eastern Interconnection and Western Electricity Coordinating Council Seams Study

The Nanogrid Collective: a Means of Integrating Thousands of Individual Customers into System Operations and Markets

Adoption of Smart Grid Technologies: Results of a Survey of U.S. Electric Utilities

Smart Virtual Power Plants for the Future Electric Grid – Realization and Benefits

Flexibility in Wind Power Interconnection Utilizing Scalable Power Flow Control

Transmission Grid Reinforcement with Embedded VSC-HVDC

Refurbishment and Life Extension of Existing Facilities in Vermont

Investigation and Correction of Phase Shift Delays in Power Hardware in Loop Real-Time Digital Simulation Testing of Power Electronic Converters

Performance Evaluation of Phasor Measurement Units for Digital Substations (PMU with IEC 61850 sampled values)

Standards Are Not Enough! Challenges of 61850 Interoperability

Lessons Learned Implementing an IEC 61850-based Microgrid Power-Management System

Transmission Planning in a Dynamic Environment

Increased Reliability of EHV Systems through Station Switchable Spare Transformer and Shunt Reactor Design and Operation

The Vermont Weather Analytics Center Project: Electricity, Weather and Accelerating the Renewable Grid

Development and Implementation of Composite Load Model in WECC

On the Need for Robust Decentralized Coordination to Support Emerging Decentralized Monitoring and Controls Applications in Electric Power Grid

Methodology for Evaluation and Selection of Wireless Communication Systems for Smart Grid Applications

Development of Cyber-Aware Energy Management System Applications

Threat Intelligence Management (TIM) Transmission Security Operations Center (TSOC)

Model Price Responsive Demand in PJM Wholesale Market

The Relationship of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Regulation / Dispatch under High Wind Penetration

Quantifying Pollution Impact from New Generation and Demand-Side Management

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Wave Shape Based Algorithm for Fast CT Saturation Detection

A New Subsynchronous Oscillation (SSO) Relay for Renewable Generation and Series Compensated Transmission Systems

Setting-less Protection: Laboratory Experiments and Field Trials

Tolerance-Based Time-Current Coordination

Analysis of the Effects of a Flexible Ramping Ancillary Service Product on Power System Operations

Online Dynamic Assessment of Transmission Ratings for Transmission Constraint Management in Power System and Market Operations

Dynamic Line Rating as a Means to Enhance Transmission Grid Resilience

DMS Simulation Toolkit for the Grid of the Future

State Estimation in Distribution Systems

Harmonic Distortion Control and Reactive Power Compensation in a Large Wind Mill Generation Plant

National Grid’s Approach to Commissioning of Smart Grid Pilot Devices

A Future Oriented Data Platform for the Electric Power Grids

Electric Utilities IT and OT Convergence

From Deterministic Machine to Probabilistic System

Regenerative Braking in Mass Transit

Investigation of PMU Data Loading Performance – Hurdles and Potential Improvements

Synchrophasor Implementation Experience and Integration Challenges in Indian Grid

Challenges and Lessons Learned from the Design and Implementation of an IEC61850-90-5 Synchrophasor System

Investigating Power System Primary and Secondary Reserve Interaction under High Wind Power Penetration Using Frequency Response Model

Modeling and Simulation of Battery Energy Storage Systems for Grid Frequency Regulation

Automated Fault Location

Demonstration of Measurement Derived Model-Based Adaptive Wide-Area Damping Controller on Hardware Testbed

Synchronous Condenser Conversions at FirstEnergy Eastlake Plant

Eversource’s Selection of Synchronous Condenser Technology at Saco Valley

AEP’s 765kV Transmission Line Model Validation for Short Circuit and System Studies

Real Time Phasor Data Processing using Complex Number Analysis Methods

Novel Simulation Method to Quantify Induced Voltage & Current between Parallel or Partially Parallel Proximity AC Transmission Circuits

Effects of GIC Neutral Blocking Devices (NBDs) on Transmission Lines Protection Performance and Potential for Resonance


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