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Monday, October 20, 2014

Keynote Speech- Jim O’Neil

New Technologies and Trends for Construction, Maintenance and Resiliency of Modern and Future Power Grids

Site Wind Energy Appraisal Function for Future Egyptian Homes

Energy Storage and Its Applications in the Development of a 21st Century Electrical Grid

Multi-Inverter Interaction with Advanced Grid Support Function

Determination of Smart Inverter Control Settings to Improve Distribution System Performance

Consolidating Operations, Planning and Protection Model Management Using a Network Model Manager Approach

Distributed Real-Time Electric Power Grid Event Detection and Dynamic Characterization

Concepts and Practice Using Stochastic Programs for Determing Reserve Requirements

VFT Response to a Breaker Trip and Runback Event

Impact of Lumpiness in Energy Supply Curves on Day-Ahead Energy Prices

Smart Grid Adoption by U.S. Utilities: Organizational Drivers and Impacts

Solutions to Improve Grid Code Compliance of Synchronous Generation

Approach to Implement Variable Transfer Limits in Energy Imbalance Markets

Power Engineers of the Future- Briding the Generational Gap, Trends and Needs

Review of Impacts and Solutions for Integration of Renewable Intermittent Distributed Generation in Traditional and Future Power Distribution Grids

Evaluation of Meshed Distribution Systems for Increased of Penetration of Distributed Generation

Proper Security Criteria Determination in a Power System with High Penetration of Renewable Resources

Stochastic Energy Management of Energy-Efficicient Building Under the Risk of Uncertain Solar Power Supply

Impact of Shunt Reactor Bank Switching on Transformer Neutral Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) Monitoring

A Reactive Power Controller to Optimize Performance of Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Devices

High-Level Harmonic Distortion During Geomagnetic Distrubances- A Hidden Threat to Grid Security

Case Study-Effects of Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) Neutral Blocking Device

Flexible Analytics for Management of Grid Assets

Risk Assessment of Aging Power Transformers in the Transmission Network

New Tools for Managing Smart Switching Devices

Circuit Breaker Asset Management Using Intelligent Electronic Device (IED)-Based Health Monitoring

Use of the Power System Outlook (PSO) and SMART Programs to View PSLF Dynamic Simulation Data Files

Hybrid Simulation/Measurement-Based Framework for Online Dynamic Security Assessment

Effect of Topology Control on System Reliability: TVA Test Case

Robustness Adjustment of Two-Stage Robust Security-Constructed Unit Commitment

An Advanced Training Simulator for Synchrophasor Applications

SW-Platform for R&D in Applications of Synchrophasor Measurements for Wide-Area Assessment, Control and Visualization in Real-Time

Fast and Accurate Fault Location Using Synchrophasors

Synchrophasor Data Driven Situational Intelligence for Power System Operation

A Novel Approach for Increasing the Reliability of Power Transmission Lines in Galloping Conditions

A Benefit-Cost Framework for Optimal Load Shifting

Use of Geographical Tracking Tools for Smart Grid Pilot Implementation


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Integration of Renewables in Power Systems, including Microgrids – Present and Future Challenges and Solutions

Software Tools and Methodologies for Modeling, Analysis, Planning, Asset Management, and Operations of Future T&D Systems

Advanced LV Distribution Network Monitoring and Enabled Application

Wildfire Mitigation Through Advanced Monitoring- State of Texas Demonstration Project

Online Assessment of Capacitor Banks Using Circuit Health Monitoring Technology

Time Series Simulations for Slow Dynamic Analysis in Distribution Systems with DERs

Power System Dynamics Prediction with Measurement-Based AutoRegressive Model

Interregional Transmission Design and Benefit Assessment

Fault Current Limiter Selection Considerations for Utility Engineers

Parameter Sensitivity Analysis for Sub-Synchronous Oscillations in Wind-Intergrated Power Systems

Using Synchrophasors for Frequency Response Analysis in the Western Interconnection

Post-Event Analysis of a Compound Event in the ERCOT System Using Synchrophasor Data

PJM Case Studies of System Events Using Synchrophasor Data

Roadmap and Lessons for Large Scale Synchrophasor System Deployment

Assessment of Impact of Data Quality on PMU-Based Applications

Increase Power Grid Stability and Reliability with Enterprise Historians for Synchrophasor Data Management

Virtual-Instrumentation-Based PMU Calibrator for IEEE C37.118.1-2011 Compliance Testing

Model Validation Using Synchrophasor Data- A Synchrophasor Success Story

What Protection Engineers Need to Know About Networking

Dynamic State Estimation Based Protection: Laboratory Validation

Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) of Danish Transmission System Concept Design

Implications of Cyber Attacks on Distributed Power System Operations

Initial Field Trials of Distributed Series Reactors and Implications for Future Applications

Trajectory Sensitivity Analysis as a Means of Performing Dynamic Load Sensitivity Studies in Power System Planning

New Power Flow Controller for Congestion Management and Reliability in Transmission and Distribution System

Identifying Sources of Oscillations Using Wide Area Measurements

Wide Area Monitoring Protection and Control Applications using PMUs, including Advanced EMS/DMS and OT/IT Convergence


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