2020 CIGRE & USNC Awards

We want to congratulate the following award recipients for their noteworthy contributions. The following awards were announced at the 2020 CIGRE e-Session:

CIGRE Fellow Award | Pouyan Pourbeik
The “CIGRE Fellow” award is attributed for active participation in the activities of the technical work of the study committees and for providing a lead technical role in the study committees (maximum five awards every two years).

CIGRE Distinguished Member Award | Nenad Uzelac, Damir Novosel, Nicholas Miller, Michael Lamb, Neil Kirby
In 1996, a “Distinguished Member” status was introduced in CIGRE. This award is a tribute to seniority (over 10 years of membership) and to active participation in the work and development of the Association — within Study Committees and/or National Committees.

NGN Significant Contribution Award | Amanda Olson
This award is intended to recognize outstanding contributions of NGN members to CIGRE activities.

CIGRE Technical Council Award | Renuka Chatterjee (C2 – Power system operation and control)
The Technical Committee Award was initiated in CIGRE in 1993. It is generally given annually to recognize the outstanding contributions of a number of CIGRE Study Committee members to the work of their respective Study Committees.

The Philip Sporn Award | Dr. Dale Douglass
For career contributions advancing electric power systems in theory, design and/or operation for the benefit of society in the United States, and for aspiring to Philip Sporn’s ‘Locus of Discontent’ approach; i.e. always challenging the status quo to advance technology for the betterment of society.

Attwood Associate Award | Paul Myrda, John Randolph, Galen Rasche, David W. Roop, Chris Root, Dr. Jason Taylor
This award is made to honor the contributions and memory of Frederic Attwood of the U.S.A. who, with J. Tribot Laspiere of France foresaw the need for an international organization in the field of power engineering and who became the first Chairman of the U.S. National Committee upon the founding of CIGRE in the year 1921.

Collective Member Award | Dominion Energy
For outstanding leadership and continuing managerial, technical, and financial support of the activities of the U.S. National Committee and CIGRE over an extended period of time.

Click here to download the 2020 Awards Booklet featuring the reward recipients and their bios.