2020 CIGRE Awards

We want to congratulate the following award recipients for their noteworthy contributions. The following awards were announced at the 2020 CIGRE e-Session:

CIGRE Fellow Award | Pouyan Pourbeik
The “CIGRE Fellow” award is attributed for active participation in the activities of the technical work of the study committees and for providing a lead technical role in the study committees (maximum five awards every two years).

CIGRE Distinguished Member Award | Nenad Uzelac, Damir Novosel, Nicholas Miller, Michael Lamb, Neil Kirby
In 1996, a “Distinguished Member” status was introduced in CIGRE. This award is a tribute to seniority (over 10 years of membership) and to active participation in the work and development of the Association — within Study Committees and/or National Committees.

NGN Significant Contribution Award | Amanda Olson
This award is intended to recognize outstanding contributions of NGN members to CIGRE activities.

CIGRE Technical Council Award | Renuka Chatterjee (C2 – Power system operation and control)
The Technical Committee Award was initiated in CIGRE in 1993. It is generally given annually to recognize the outstanding contributions of a number of CIGRE Study Committee members to the work of their respective Study Committees.