2018 Grid of the Future | Reston, VA | October 28-31


Technology for the 21st Century Utility

The Grid of the Future™ symposium is sponsored by the CIGRE US National Committee (USNC) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and this year’s symposium is hosted by Dominion Energy in Reston, Virginia. The GOTF symposium provides participants with the opportunity to network with their peers in the generation, transmission, distribution, markets, and smart grid technologies industries, and provides a variety of seminars and workshops in addition to educational speakers and tutorial sessions. Contributions from the Next Generation Network (NGN), the CIGRE USNC young professionals organization, are encouraged.

2018 Registration and Booking Information

Click here to register for the symposium, and don’t forget to your hotel before October 5, 2018 at the Hyatt Reston for GOTF 2018 here.

Registration Prices

Member of CIGRE: Before 9/30-$650 | After 9/30-$700

Non-member: Before 9/30-$800 | After 9/30-$850

Student: $275

One Day (Member of CIGRE): $300

One Day (Non-member): $425

Tours and tutorials held on Wednesday are $50 each. Additionally, on Monday we’re offering a Tour of Mt Vernon spouse activity for $60.

Airport Transportation

The Hyatt Reston offers a complimentary shuttle to and from Dulles Airport.

Text the keyword “SHUTTLE” to 703-991-2117 when you arrive at the airport. The requested pick up times will be at the top of each hour between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Requests for pick should be received at least 15 minutes prior to the top of hour. The pick-up and drop-off point will be at curbs 2A and 2H, adjacent to the lower level baggage claim level.

Return shuttle transportation from the hotel departs 45 minutes past the hour, beginning at 5:45 a.m. Monday through Friday, and 6:45 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Women in Engineering Breakfast

The purpose of this meeting is to have a roundtable discussion with women industry leaders on ways CIGRE can support Women in Engineering plus get to know other women engineers at this year’s conference. RSVP when you register for the conference. This event is no additional charge.

Time: Monday, October 29, 7:00am – 7:45am
Location: The “living room” on the first floor.


NGN Tutorial Session: Sunday, October 28

Fundamentals of Grounding
Proper grounding methods play an integral role in many facets of power delivery – from personnel safety to system performance. Attend the NGN tutorial to learn the fundamentals and study grounding best practices.

General Tutorial + Tour Sessions: Wednesday, October 31

GIS and GIL Applications for the Future Grid
Gas-insulated systems save space, increase reliability, and reduce maintenance. Learn more on the design and application of these cutting-edge solutions from industry experts to understand how they are becoming important building blocks for resiliency, and then join us for a first-hand look at the equipment in Dominion Energy’s Brambleton Substation. Attendees will see Dominion Energy’s resiliency improvements including the use of RIP bushings.

FACTS: Flexible AC Transmission System
A modern grid requires modern operating techniques and technologies; power electronics are changing the way we deliver energy. After gaining knowledge on the design and application of these cutting-edge solutions from industry experts, join us for a first-hand look at Dominion Energy’s static VAR compensator (SVC) at Mosby Substation. Attendees will see Dominion Energy’s resiliency improvements including the use of RIP bushings.

Planning for the Grid of the Future
The grid of the future challenges the way we integrate and model new devices and technologies.  System planning studies now need to consider additional criteria in studies when considering significant amounts distribution energy resources such as wind, solar, and energy storage.  Attend this 6-hour tutorial to more get details on device level characteristics, plant level representation, and more.

NGN Paper Competition

The NGN is excited to announce a 2018 Paper competition! After a few elimination rounds, five participants will have the opportunity to present their papers at the 2018 Grid of the Future Conference where one winner will be awarded the grand prize!

Program Overview

Click here  for the complete symposium schedule.

Sunday, October 28

7:00am–5:00pm CIGRE Registration

1:00pm–4:00pm NGN Tutorial | Fundamentals of Grounding

5:30pm–7:30pm Welcome Reception sponsored by SIEMENS

Monday, October 29

7:00am–5:30pm CIGRE Registration

7:00am–7:45am Breakfast Buffet

7:00am–7:45am Women in Engineering Breakfast
(Please RSVP when you register for the conference)

Dr. Yilu Liu
Governor’s Chair Professor
University of Tennessee Knoxville

Beth LaRose
General Manager
GE Energy Consulting

Mandy Olson
Electrical Engineer
Burns & McDonnell

7:45am–8:15am CIGRE General Session

Robert M. Blue
EVP & President & CEO of Dominion Energy Power Delivery Group

8:15am–9:15am CIGRE Panel Session
The Role of the Federal Government with the Future of T&D

Moderator: Lou Oberski
Director NERC Reliability Compliance
Dominion Energy

Bob Cummings
Senior Director of Engineering and Reliability

David Ortiz
Acting Director, Office of Electric Reliability

Patricia Hoffman
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary

9:30am–11:00am Paper Sessions

Paper Session 1A: Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) Impacts Session 

Paper Session 1B: Distribution Modeling, Planning and Analytics Session 

Paper Session 1C: Cables, Insulators and Dynamic Line Ratings Session

Paper Session 1D: Advancements in Power System Protection and Communications Session

Paper Session 1E: Energy Storage Impacts on the Grid Session

11:00am–12:45pm Lunch Sponsored by CIGRE

11:00am–12:45pm CIGRE USNC Executive Committee Lunch

12:45pm–2:15pm NGN Paper Competition

12:15pm–2:30pm Afternoon Break

2:30pm–4:00pm Paper Sessions

Paper Session 2A: Distribution Reliability, Resiliency and Safety Session

Paper Session 2B: Transmission Planning and Forecasting and Grid Modernization Session

Paper Session 2C: Communications and Machine Learning in Modern Power Systems Session

Paper Session 2D:  Asset Management Machine Learning and Analytics Session

Paper Session 2E: Reliabiity, Grid Parity, Planning and the Grid of the Future Session

4:00pm–4:15pm Afternoon Break

4:15pm–5:45pm Paper Sessions

Paper Session 3A: Protection, Reliability and Power Quality Session

Paper Session 3B: Grid Simulation and Analysis Session

Paper Session 3C: Substation Design and Data Observability Session

Paper Session 3D: Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) Session 

Paper Session 3E: Substation Design and Renewal Session

6:30pm–9:30pm CIGRE Welcome Reception, Dinner & Tour
Sponsored by Dominion Energy, transportation sponsored by Leidos

Speaker: Kevin Curtis
VP Transmission
Dominion Energy

Tuesday, October 30

7:00am–4:30pm CIGRE Registration

7:00am–7:45am Breakfast Buffet

7:00am–7:45am NGN Breakfast

Speaker: Scot Hathaway
SVP Commercial Services, Gas Infrastructure

7:45am–8:15am CIGRE General Session

8:15am–8:30am NGN Paper Award Winner Announcement

8:30am–9:45am CIGRE Panel Session
Puerto Rico – One Year Later

Moderator: Dan Ton
Program Manager of Microgrid and Resilience R&D
U.S. Department of Energy

Mark Petri
Argonne National Laboratory

Marcel Castro-Sitiriche
Professor, University of Puerto Rico

Gary Vinicus
Vice President & Managing Director, Siemens

9:45am–10:00am Morning Break

10:00am–11:15am CIGRE Panel Session
Enterprise Data Management and the Future Role of Big Data

Moderator: John McDonald 
SmartGrid Business Development Leader
GE Power – Grid Solution

Tom Pierpoint
Director, Enterprise Software Applications – Retired

Steve Eisenrauch
Manager, Electric Transmission Forestry & Line Services
Dominion Energy

Sean Murphy
Co-Chief Executive Officer
PingThings, Inc.

11:15am–12:45pm Paper Sessions

Paper Session 4A: Innovative Protection Solutions for Transmission and Distribution Session

Paper Session 4B: Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Value in Distribution Markets Session

Paper Session 4C: Big Data, Analytics and Data Visualization Session

Paper Session 4D: Future Control Scenarios in Distribution Grids Session

Paper Session 4E: HVDC Applications Session 

12:45pm–1:45pm Lunch Sponsored by CIGRE

1:45am–3:15pm Paper Sessions

Paper Session 5A: Microgrids Design, Optimization and Field Experience Session 

Paper Session 5B: Different DER Hosting Capacity Considerations Session

Paper Session 5C: Grid Simulation and Analysis Session 

Paper Session 5D: IED System Management, Grid Reliability and Analysis Session 

Paper Session 5E: Cybersecurity and Virtual Reality Session 

3:15pm–3:30pm Afternoon Break

3:30pm–5:00pm CIGRE Panel Session
Addressing the Challenges of Distributed Energy Systems

Moderator: Mark McGranaghan
Vice President Distribution and Energy Utilization
Electric Power Research Institute

Josh Wepman
Industry Issues for Integrating Distributed Energy Resources

Aleksi Paaso
Utility Perspective – Rethinking the Grid Architecture, planning, operations with DER

Bob Currie
DERMS – Operating the grid w/ distributed energy resources
Smarter Grid Solutions

Gregg Rotenberg
Tech Perspective – Using technology to take advantage of the grid infrastructure for integrating distributed resources
Smart Wires

6:00pm–9:30pm NGN Dinner (invitation only)
Sponsored by Burns & McDonnell

Wednesday, October 31

8:00am–11:00am Tutorial: GIS and GIL Applications for the Future Grid

8:00am–11:00am Tutorial: FACTS: Flexible AC Transmission System

8:00am–2:00pm Tutorial: Planning for the Grid of the Future

11:00am–2:00pm Tour: GIS and GIL Applications for the Future Grid

11:00am–2:00pm Tour: FACTS: Flexible AC Transmission System

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