CIGRE Session 2020

Palais des Congrès in Paris, France | August 23–28, 2020

Call For Synopses | Due by Friday, April 26, 2019

The Technical Committee of the U.S. National Committee of CIGRE  invites U.S. authors to prepare and submit their synopses of proposed papers for this 2020 Session to US National Committee Technical Committee Chairman John D. McDonald ( by Friday, April 26, 2019.

Please use the 2020 Synopses Sample Page Template.

Please see the US National Committee Call For Papers instructions here. The U.S. authors are requested not to submit their proposed paper synopses to the CIGRE Paris office directly. The CIGRE Paris office will return such documents to the senders as the CIGRE Paris office has assigned each National Committee the responsibility to review and recommend its National Committee papers to the CIGRE Paris office for further review and acceptance. U.S. authors also must follow the USNC’s “Call for Papers” schedule for the submittal and review of U.S. paper synopses and full papers, not the posted CIGRE Paris office schedule. The author of a U.S. paper (or main author, if there is more than one) must be a member of the CIGRE US National Committee, either an Individual Member or a representative of a Collective Member. The other co-authors of the paper need not be CIGRE members.

The CIGRE USNC is limited to 30 papers total for the 2020 Session under the National Committee Allotment (NCA) (10), the Additional Allotment (AA) (10) and the International Allotment (IA) (10). The USNC Technical Committee will review all synopses (abstracts) of proposed papers, as well as the full papers when available, and select those to represent the USNC. The papers must meet the following criteria:

Be of the highest technical standard, not published elsewhere, and contribute to technical progress.

Address only one of the 2020 Session “Preferential Subjects” and clearly identify the one being addressed. The Preferential Subjects are listed here.

The synopsis of a proposed paper must be at least 500 words. Synopses of less than 500 words are not acceptable. Synopses must be prepared in the CIGRE format (format sample here).

Synopses must reach the CIGRE US National Committee Technical Committee Chairman John D. McDonald by 26 April 2019.  Synopses must be submitted electronically to This deadline will be strictly enforced.

If a synopsis is accepted, the paper must be prepared in the CIGRE format.

Papers accepted on the basis of synopses are subject to further review once full papers are submitted.

The schedule for submittal of paper synopses and full papers to the US National Committee for the 2020 Session is as follows.

April 26,  2019 – Synopses Submittals due to Technical Committee Chairman of the CIGRE US National Committee.

December 15, 2019 – Full papers due for final review due to Technical Committee Chairman of the CIGRE US National Committee.

The overall detailed US National Committee schedule for the review and selection of the 2020 Session papers can be found here.

Authors will be notified of paper selection results based on synopsis review by October 15 , 2019 by the US National Committee Technical Committee Chairman and/or the CIGRE Paris Office. The main author of the paper will be required to sign a CIGRE copyright form that will be provided by the CIGRE Paris office.